Paradise Palms Attractions circa 1963

A reproduction of a portion of the original sales material for Paradise Palms

A friend of mine who goes by the name Paradise Palms collects old promotional brochures for the neighborhood from when it all was new. This example was used specifically in a brochure for the Americana series, which is mostly North of Desert Inn Road on the West end of the development. Some of the features are really sought after still today. The fireplaces are wonderful, the tile work is excellent, the overall design is functional and beautiful. Then, to be honest about things, you find the vinyl asbestos tile and the aluminum windows. Those windows were great at letting the outside come in, which is a guiding principle of modern architecture. But if they ever didn’t leak, those days are long gone. They’re simple enough to replace: Lowes did ours and did a wonderful job of it. But vinyl-asbestos tile? Not all Paradise Palms houses used the stuff, but if yours did, my advice is simply to put whatever you want instead over the top. We now know asbestos to be a killer. Back in the day, well, they stood and watched atomic bombs explode wearing welder’s goggles, too.

If you look on the Paradise Palms site (the link is above) you’ll find a whole slew of these old brochures. They’ll show you just how much the world has changed. They’ll also remind you of the days when innovation and creativity were applied to housing for real, not just in advertising campaigns.