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Happy Wednesday! (Written anything, yet?)

Four Corners Monument. Stand in Four States at One Time! (almost)
Four Corners Monument. Stand in Four States at One Time! (almost)

It is now going on 11:00 on a Wednesday morning and I am writing. This isn’t the first thing I’ve written today, either. But I haven’t actually put any more words down on an existing project. How’s that? Well, sometimes, I have to write, but I never have to write anything in particular. If you get my drift.

I don’t get writer’s block. I have no idea what that is. What I am writing at the moment is just a sort of quasi-stream-of-consciousness travelogue through the town where I grew up, mostly while I’m growing up in it. I have no idea if anything will ever come out of it, but it is writing, and it keeps me in the groove. The book that’s awaiting my next brilliant plot move will wait, I’m sure.

And that is the point, simple as it is, of this week’s post. Just write something. Frankly, if your project is getting too tough for you to deal with at the moment, then for the sake of creativity and clarity, it’s probably time to back off from it for a while. Nobody will steal your idea and make a blockbuster movie out of it if you take some time away from it. I promise. I do have a discipline. I write every week day that I’m not on vacation. I prefer writing in the morning, but I’ll do it whenever I can, sometimes near bedtime when, frankly, I’m not sure the result is exactly coherent, but I by gosh write it anyway.

Writer’s block? What the heck is that?

Writer’s Block

I don’t get it. Writer’s block, that is. I understand not knowing what to write next on a given project. Sometimes things just need to gestate in some back corner of the mind for a while. That’s okay. But what’s this about you can’t write anything? Seriously?

I have three things in various stages of completion right now. I switch from one to the other. I have yet to be unable to come up with at least something for at least one of them on any given day. Writer’s block? You kid, no?

But, if you feel that you are blocked, here is what to do.

  1. Produce a clean piece of whatever it is you write with or on. A new Word document, a blank sheet of paper, a blank screenplay in Final Draft, whatever it is, create a new one.
  2. Write something on that thing you just created, or got out, or whatever. It doesn’t have to be anything good, much less profound, or even worth showing to your mom. Nobody ever has to see it. You don’t even have to read it. But write it. Whatever it is.

If you’re a writer, you like to write, no? So what’s this I hear about some bogus “writer’s block?”