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Hot Stuff

Morning in Las Vegas
Morning in Las Vegas

It was 10:52 AM on 28 June 2016 when I grabbed that image from my screen. That’s right about the long-term average high for the date, maybe a degree above, so this will officially be a hot day in the Mojave desert.

But I will be getting steadily cooler. My drama for the past week:

Our very old heat pump condenser on the roof finally was diagnosed as terminal. Replacement is scheduled for today. But since about a week ago, it’s been mostly refusing to operate. We do have another unit that takes care of half of the house, but it was running full-tilt for days on end, so it broke. Then I had trouble getting anyone to fix it, although our home warranty company assigned someone. This morning, though, another tech assigned by them came by and now half the house is cooling down as I key this in. The crew to replace the rooftop unit is almost an hour late (by their own schedule) but at least we have a cool half a house to which to retreat. I do hope that the broken unit gets replaced before we burn out another condenser on the ground unit.

That’s the hot stuff. The only connection to writing is that it has been 93 degrees in my studio, so my writing schedule has been sporadic at best. I know, professional work and all that, but seriously, 93 degrees? Sorry, muse, but I’m back now!

So I think I’ll just rant about trust. It seems to me that we all have to trust other people. A lot of the political complaints I hear these days seem to boil down to people not trusting experts, politicians, police officers, immigrants, street sweepers, newspaper dispensers, dishwashers, brooms, Pez dispensers, or anything else. This is unfortunate, and it tends to build on itself. Someone who doesn’t trust isn’t seen as trustworthy, so the examples multiply.

In truth, I think these people have forgotten rule number one of human interaction: The way the world treats you is the way you treat the world. That’s not a religious teaching for me, but rather just the way things work.

The beauty of our republic is that the government is the people’s business. That’s what the word republic means. And, yes, I’m sure that there’s too much big corporate money being fed to congress. And don’t even ask me about that NRA thing! But at the bottom of it all, we apparently need a government. Nobody forced those rebels who founded this country to start a government. They did it because it seemed to them to be necessary. Whatever else you may think about our founders, that is certain. So, we are going to have a government. And at some point, we have to trust it.

But if you don’t? Then don’t bitch, or do stupid things like the British did recently. (We removed ourselves from their sphere of influence, if you’ll recall.) Instead, if you don’t like your representative, run for that office! Why not? You have a better idea, let’s see you put your actions where your mouth is! Think politicians are all self-serving assholes? Be one that isn’t! I don’t think that’s too much to ask from a patriotic American.

Hey! The crew to replace the failed unit just arrived! See, I trusted them, and it paid off!