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This is Just Not Funny!

And there’s a reason for that. Comedy, you see, involves a lot of writing. And I like to write! Heck, I’m writing even as I write this, right? But I have other stuff to write, too. Like a couple more middle grade readers to polish up, and a really nice YA romance, that I do believe will be a hit, which I’m still polishing up. And then there’s the house, which cleans not itself, and I have to do maintenance on the place inside and out, and, well, that leaves roughly zero time for writing funny bits. Which is too bad, because I really like doing funny bits. So that’s why this, and not much else I’ve published lately, just isn’t funny. Don’t laugh! It really isn’t!

But, here is a writing tip for you, one that works for me, at least. It can be quite funny, if you write funny stuff, so pay attention.

I use the Voice Recorder app that comes with Windows. Pretty much any version, if memory serves. For Windows 10 it has gotten simpler looking and more sophisticated. Here’s a thumbnail of how it looks when open:

The voice recorder as seen with Windows 10.
The voice recorder as seen with Windows 10.

You can see that it looks clean, and if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it you’ll see that it pretty much explains itself. If there are no recordings in the default location, the entire screen is white except for the microphone icon. Now, Windows isn’t the only program with such a feature. Heck, I have one on my Droid, and if Apple doesn’t provide one, you should flush that sucker and get a real computer, but of course they do. Have one, I mean.

What I’ve been doing is to read each chapter into the voice recorder, then listening to the recording the next day. Whilst doing both things I make changes, or if the change is large, making notes in the Word document that is my manuscript. I find that I frequently say things that I meant to write, but something, I don’t know what, made me type in a stiffer phrase. Seriously, this has been working great, and I commend the effort to your attention.

If you try listening to your own dictation, I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at what you learn about your own writing. I know I sure do!