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Happy-Happy in Badas Sumbawa, Part Two

Note from Steve: I asked Leslie if it was bad if I kept reading the name as “Badass.” She replied that that is how they pronounce it. Not sure I could keep out of trouble there, as I’m more of a “wiseass.”

It’s the next day that Iksan decides he is no longer going to call me Leslie, but An-nay.  Once again, our phone is ringing with Iksan on the other line at 8:00 a.m. “Good morning!  Iksan will take you to Immigrasi, today,” We did talk about this possibility the night before, but m

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Rat Poo, An Existential Question


I sympathize with this story completely. Last September I had to dispose of, I think it was nine, assorted rodents in one month. (I won!)

With holiday revelries closed, I sat down to sketch out my plan for 2018.  What do I need to do this year to feel l made the most of it?  I hammer out sailing destination goals, bucket list items in various destinations, plans for staying financially and physically fit, plans to explore new interest

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