Timor Leste – The Resistance

We arrive in Balibo and disembark the truck I’m now calling “Little America.”  The village is built around one open common space square with a statue in the middle.  An older Timorese woman walks down a picturesque hillside, her head wrapped in a skirt of fabric the traditional way.  The only sound

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Killing Time with Pat-The-Amazing

Knowing our sponsor letter for Indonesia would take at least a week, we submitted all the paperwork and then decided to sail to the island just off the mainland to go scuba diving, Ataoru.  Part of the coral sea triangle, a visit by marine biologists recently declared it to be one of the most divers

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Timor Leste or East East, Part One

Timor Leste is the newest formed nation in the world.  The word “Timor” means “East” in Bahasa Indonesian, “Leste” means East in Portuguese.  Two words, ten letters, a poetic hint about the history of the most newly formed nation in the world.   Andrew and I never intended to sail to Timor Leste. It

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A Whale of a Tale, By Sonrisa

In which our heroes collide with a whale. No kidding.

Fear.  We spend so much time on this blog talking about fear!  Does it get annoying sometimes? It annoys me. Andrew and I are always teaming up to convince Leslie there is nothing to fear.  But I know, we are lying a little bit.  There are plenty of things to fear out there — like marinas with air

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Sometimes We’re Fast, Sometimes We’re Slow, By Sonrisa

We spent an entire month in the Kei Islands. Part of our long stay is simply because there is a lot about Kei Islands to enjoy; part of our long stay is our collective indecision about what to do about the Indonesia Visa Conundrum.   As Leslie mentioned a few posts back, the day we checked in with i

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