Catch You Laters, A Word From Captain Andrew

“I’ve got to stop naming things.”  Leslie tells me as we drive North one last time to Whengerai. In the last couple of weeks in New Zealand, we are both feeling the nerves that come with upping anchor.  Leslie puts down roots easily and quickly.  Plant her in a spot longer than a week and she

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The Crayfish

When it is time for dinner in Kaikoura, we walk down the single street and locate the pub.  It’s “Toss the Boss” night.  Choose heads or tails, flip a coin and if you are right you get your drinks for free.  We are lucky twice, and we get a cider and a beer for free.  I am highly amused by the

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Shake It Up

Note from Steve: My daughter was waiting to see a dentist in Christchurch when the quake hit, so this hits home (take that as a pun if you want to) with me. The Kiwis were exceptionally generous to her and her friends from Antarctica, so I donated to the Y that took them in. It’s shocking to see the amount of damage still visible there!

Andrew and I were hard at work tidying, scrubbing, conducting engine maintenance, removing ropes and sails, and generally getting Sonrisa ready to withstand the six month cyclone season alone in the Tonga Boat Yard.  My poor father was trying to reach his eldest daughter in Tonga, after hearin

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The alarm on my wrist watch rings, and I drag my eyelids open.  I’m pinned between the laundry bag stuffed full with our dirty clothes and Andrew’s bony knees.  This is good, though, because we are parked a bit on a slant and before I shoved the laundry bag to my left, I found myself tucked in

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