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Pirates Invading Tampa Bay
Pirates Invading Tampa Bay

This post isn’t about how to motivate yourself to keep writing. Not exactly. It’s about answering a simple question before you proceed. That question being, “Why do you write in the first place?” I have read a few answers from people who have made a living at writing.

For instance, Isaac Asimov, the prolific (to put it mildly) Science Fiction and Science author, wrote in one of his biographies that he started writing Science Fiction because he couldn’t find enough Sci-Fi stories that he liked. This is a perfect segue into “write what you like to read,” but I’m not going to take it.

Some people say that they have a message to impart. They write so that what they consider to be an important avenue of discussion is opened to the world, and they hope, I imagine, to educate the rest of us in their message. For me, I’m not down with this one, as I’ve mentioned before. Your message will come out, so long as you write honestly. But, for some, this does the trick.

For me, and you knew I’d get here, right?, I have always written something in every job I’ve ever had. Some actually involved writing, but some didn’t at all. Still, I wrote, by making up a newsletter, or whatever it took. Even at the pizzeria, my first job out of college, I  would make up what I thought were humorous signs and post them around the kitchen. Some of them lasted for years.

And you? Why are you taking the time out of life to sit and put one word in front of another? Odds are that you’re an introvert, so it isn’t the company (little joke there.) So, why do you do it? My point being, as I circle back to the first sentence in this post, that if you answer that question, you’ll have scant need of any other motivational tricks. You’ll write because you _________________________________________________________________________________! Can’t everybody understand that?


Happy Wednesday! (Written anything, yet?)

Four Corners Monument. Stand in Four States at One Time! (almost)
Four Corners Monument. Stand in Four States at One Time! (almost)

It is now going on 11:00 on a Wednesday morning and I am writing. This isn’t the first thing I’ve written today, either. But I haven’t actually put any more words down on an existing project. How’s that? Well, sometimes, I have to write, but I never have to write anything in particular. If you get my drift.

I don’t get writer’s block. I have no idea what that is. What I am writing at the moment is just a sort of quasi-stream-of-consciousness travelogue through the town where I grew up, mostly while I’m growing up in it. I have no idea if anything will ever come out of it, but it is writing, and it keeps me in the groove. The book that’s awaiting my next brilliant plot move will wait, I’m sure.

And that is the point, simple as it is, of this week’s post. Just write something. Frankly, if your project is getting too tough for you to deal with at the moment, then for the sake of creativity and clarity, it’s probably time to back off from it for a while. Nobody will steal your idea and make a blockbuster movie out of it if you take some time away from it. I promise. I do have a discipline. I write every week day that I’m not on vacation. I prefer writing in the morning, but I’ll do it whenever I can, sometimes near bedtime when, frankly, I’m not sure the result is exactly coherent, but I by gosh write it anyway.

Writer’s block? What the heck is that?