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I’ve been a member of the Las Vegas Writers’ Group since more or less forever. At least in terms of the group, because when I first joined it was known as the Literati. There hasn’t been a group named Literati in a decade.LVWG Logo It’s a Meetup Group that draws 70 people to a meeting. The July Meeting is on the 21st at the Tap House on West Charleston. Richard Warren has been co-ordinating the group ever since the founder, the late Jay McLarty, died prematurely (and not from drug abuse, either.) Now Richard is going to live the dream as a professor in an Eastern college, and I was either brave or dumb enough to volunteer to take over. (I report, you decide, heh heh.)

Richard will disappear from the face of Las Vegas after the July meeting, and we only have a speaker lined up for August. So, I’m desperate, of course. So who do I contact? Friends, of course!

I started with Mercedes M Yardley, who is one hell of an excellent writer. I’ve reposted her blog once or twice, and if you’ll check my reviews on Amazon, you’ll see several quite effusively positive posts, which I meant whole-heartedly. Mercedes not only volunteered to do a program for me, but she passed me on to several other local writers, only one of which I’ve met, who she believes will also be willing to  do a presentation. This for no more pay than a free supper. (The Tap House does have some good menu items, though.)

Which is why I say that friends are Swell! Or Awesome! Or, I dunno, Keen! Well, they’re great.

Thanks, Friends!

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

It’s one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever had the chance to stay in. When I did my reading of Little Dead Red in LA for Shades and Shadows, I spent the night at the Biltmore. Astounding.…

Source: The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

I’m reposting because this really is one of the coolest looking hotels I’ve ever seen. Never been to Baltimore, but maybe I’ll drop by sometime.

Mercedes M Yardley

Beautiful Sorrows
A Creepily Good Book


I have this book, signed by the author. There is one very short story, in particular, that gives me the chills because it is so effective. It’s only a paragraph or so long, but it’s complete. Want to see? Buy the book. The image links to Amazon.

Mercedes not only signed my copy of this book, she also presented to the Las Vegas Writers’ Group an excellent presentation on how to blog. Not that I’ve been doing it right, mind you, but I did get better than I had been. I’m working on it, you see. I did give this book a good review on Amazon, but this is not her only work. The thing is, her stories are not only creepy, they’re funny, which makes everything okay, doesn’t it? Unlike a lot of authors I’ve never met, I’ve known Mercedes and her husband for a few years now. I have, unfortunately, never met her chickens, who I’m sure are exemplary birds.

My point being that this lady writes better than I do and you should check her out. She has a blog, A Broken Laptop, and a page on Amazon, so it’s easy to find her . Go ahead! Tell her I sent you.