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Memoirs are Made of This

Looks Like the Library at Hogwarts, Doesn’t It?

If you want to know where that picture was taken, look it up. You have all the information you need.

As a student of the French language, I know that ‘mémoire‘ is a word for ‘memory.’ (So is souvenir.) It can also mean a token, something to remind you of a place, that sort of thing. In English, memoir is a book about one’s experiences. It’s not a biography, although there can be a lot of biographical information in a memoir. With all that said, and, having bought “Memoir Writing for Dummies,” I am endeavoring to write a memoir. I don’t care if it’s ever published, though. I’m writing it because I’ve noticed that the best books are the ones where the author is totally involved in the story, in a way the reader can sense. (Not literally, we leave that to Vonnegut.) Since I aspire to write REALLY GOOD STUFF, I am using a memoir as a way to get to know who I really am. Sure, you can pay some shrink to help you, but as I write pretty good anyway, I figure this will be cheaper. (Hey, I write gooder than a lot of people, anyway.) 🙂

So far it’s almost 70 pages long. One page per year, more or less. Well, now that I put it that way, I think I have some more writing to do. Let me know if you’ve ever done a memoir, particularly if it was for self-discovery. Okay?


What Are Memories Made Of?

Interesting old theatre. The play is a comedy, which surprised me, but not much of a mystery. (No spoilers - I promised.)
Interesting old theatre. The play is a comedy, which surprised me, but not much of a mystery to a fan. (No spoilers – I promised.)

Okay, grammar police, if you don’t like that preposition at the end of the sentence, you need to get with the twenty-first century. No way am I going to write, “Of What Are Memories Made?” in 2017!

Well, I might, but not here. Anyway, last Thursday I was treated to a presentation by Oksana Marifioti, author of American Gypsy, which is a memoir, that covered the process of writing a memoir, much to the delight of the crowd at the Las Vegas Writers’ Group. (The book link takes you to the Kindle edition page on Amazon. As of this writing there are only 3 paperbacks left — order soon!) I have in the past written excerpts about my own background. I wonder if anyone would be interested. I wonder if it’s not pretty egotistical to think of writing such a thing. But, I think that maybe I’ll give it a try. I have a few bits and pieces. I can give you a quick rundown of Oksana’s highlights. Here it is, most of it, anyway.

A memoir is still telling a story.

You expose yourself to an alarming extent in writing a memoir.

You remember many things that you forgot ever happened.

You also learn new things that you never knew happened in the first place.

You must be absolutely honest.

There is more, but I won’t scoop Oksana, in case you’re ever privileged to hear her speak in person. She speaks easily, having already exposed herself completely in the book, which is an excellent read, and you should read it.

This will be an ongoing project consecutive with any other projects I have going on. Right now there’s the political thriller. A surprisingly interesting thing to write, but that’s a story for another post. I promise I shall keep you (all two or three of you 😉 ) posted as to my progress. Watch for it in bookstores and on Amazon in ten or fifteen years! Heh heh!