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As background, I’d like to point out that my family first arrived in this country at Jamestown, well before the pilgrims landed. Yes, they were idiots, looking for gold in the Dismal Swamp. But they were amongst the first European invaders. They were cousins, but a direct ancestor of mine fought in the Revolutionary war, with Connecticut. Funny, that, because he was from Philadelphia. Too many blue bloods in Philly for his taste? Oh, wait, he was a blue blood.

My mom even looked down on my dad’s family because, among other reasons, the first of them didn’t arrive until the 1840s. Laggards!

So we’ve been here 408 years now, and I think that qualifies me to talk about immigrants.

Trump? What’s with that guy? Nobody on earth works harder than a Mexican! Who’s going to build that wall for him? Wasps like me? Good luck with that, Don.

408 years. We were here first, dammit! And I’m okay with immigrants. Those of you who think immigrants are ruining the country? Feel free to go back where you came from at any time of your choosing!


I don’t rant all that often any more, but seriously, some of the anti immigration stuff I see is just getting tedious. So, here . . .

I had some cousins at Jamestown (named Powell.) My first direct ancestor in America was named William Powell. He was living in Philadelphia in 1749. His son Phillip fought with the Continental Army (with Connecticut for some reason,) so he was at Valley Forge, crossed the Delaware with General Washington, all that. His grandson, or maybe great-grandson, was named Andrew Powell. Andrew was a corporal in the 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the effort to preserve the Union, which I am happy to report succeeded nicely. Andrew was my great-grandfather. I had other ancestors arrive from foreign lands, of course, the last one in 1888 (I think.) He’s the one my family name comes from.

In case you missed the theme, I have genuine W.A.S.P. credentials. And the current immigrants are delightful, so far as I’m concerned.

Now, since the problem seems to be that some believe that immigrants are late-comers who are threatening our livelihood and way of life, how about those who are bitching about immigrants move to wherever their ancestors moved here from? The new immigrants are, at least, glad to be here!  So says a descendant of the guys who stole the country from the Indians in the first place!