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Farewell for a While (I think)

Today’s post may be the last for 2 weeks. I’ll be more or less out of position to post anything. I’ll be in London, in fact.┬áIf it turns out that I am wrong about that, you’ll see a post next Wednesday. Otherwise, even Odd Godfrey will just have to wait. See you on the 17th!

Resting the Work

Last week I posted about doing nothing. Since then I’ve finished the second draft of a YA romance. It still needs plenty of work, but it seems to be readable. Now once again I’m doing nothing. I hear you ask, “why?”

Because I need a week or so away from the project in order to see what truly needs to be done. This is not just my opinion, but one shared by most of the writer/bloggers I follow. Second draft isn’t as bad as the first, in the sense that I’m no longer in love with all my wonderful creations. In fact, after the slog of editing the thing into readability, I think I’m starting to hate some of them. They make too much work!

But I’m still much too close to the work after editing it intensely for the past week. It’s a good story. The ending brings tears to my eyes. But I still read what I meant to put in there, not what is there. In a week or so I’ll open it again and (I hope) see what’s there. Then I can compare that to what I remember intending. If there is a discrepancy, I’ll make the work match the intent. That’s how it goes.

And, how come in chapter 4 that guy is in the room, but in chapter 16 (same scene from another character’s point of view) he’s not? Sheesh!