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Here’s the Thing

Tyrion LeChien, Beagle

I just noticed that my last quite a few posts have been from my friend Leslie, which is fine ’cause she’s a good writer and living an interesting life, until just the other day isolated from the novel coronavirus, even. (Go back one post to see, or search the tag “odd godfrey” or “Odd Godfrey”) But, this is my blog, and I’ve been remiss. It’s also supposed to revolve around, vaguely at least, writing. And I have been writing again, after several months. But more about that as we go along.

We should have gone to France last Spring and found a house to live in after we’ve moved there. Well, we didn’t. We will, I’m sure, once we can do so again. Just today, though, I was reading that the second wave is hitting in France, and sort of hard to boot, so that may be a while. Honestly, I imagine that by this time next year we can all be talking about what we did during the pandemic. For real. Sooner than that, maybe, but I dunno. Meantime, I’m worried about (got to be something, right) ditching the anti-science people so that we can for sure get out of this pandemic some day. I imagine by now that only those who believe in actual magic spells can possibly think that there’s anything to be gained by retaining the current administration. The current crop of conspiracy theories is (should be) award winning in its creativity and scope, but of course, like all conspiracy theories, it’s total bunk. I know Liberals, and they ain’t never going to get it together to form any conspiracies, and you can take that to the bank. Anyhow. Vote early. Drop off your ballot of you’re worried about the post office, but vote. It’s the only way to restore basic sanity to American society.

Whilst awaiting the election results I’m working on a project that I’ve been working on for at least a couple of years. This time, though, it’s being written right, and I think you’ll like it once it’s out. (Hold your breath! 🙂 ) And even occasionally blogging something original that I actually wrote all by myself, such as this post, for instance. And every day I try to get just a bit better at the French language. Tous les jours, un peut meilleur. I know, “better” is mieux, but that would screw up the rhythm. Nothing wrong with being a little bit the best, is there?

My moral is that the world is going to get better, but there will be a mess of frustrations before that happens. My advice is to ditch the orange guy and his entourage, wear your mask, and ignore conspiracy theorists. If most of us can manage those three things, life will turn sweet once again. I promise.

Election Day Tomorrow

Yes, tomorrow, June 8th, is election day in Nevada. If you’re a Democrat, you have a few choices to make. If you’re a Republican, you have a few more choices to make than that Democrat across the fence. If you’re neither, you can go vote for judges.

It seems Nevada is a state that uses direct election of judges. The guy who writes the editorials for the R-J thinks this is a good idea. Some of his columnists do not. I’m with the columnists. The thing is, I have no idea who any of those jokers are. Frequently, as in virtually every election cycle, one or more people are elected to the judiciary who turn out to be an embarrassment. Why? Because nobody really checks them out, is why.

There is a system, first used in Missouri, wherein a committee of political, legal, and lay types recommends a list of judges to the governor to appoint. The governor makes the appointments, but the incumbents must stand for retention elections at intervals. Usually after two years the first time, with longer terms thereafter. Only if a judge loses the retention election is the judge replaced. It works quite well, giving the people a chance to dump the embarrassments, but providing a lot fewer embarrassments to dump.

As it is, I won’t be voting tomorrow. I’d rather let the opportunity pass than vote for a damned idiot without knowing I’m doing so. (If this was a humor piece I’d mention that if I knew I was voting for an idiot, everything would be okay.)

In the fall in Nevada we will be presented with a constitutional amendment to switch to a “modified Missouri” type of judicial appointment/retention election system. I’d consider it a personal favor if all of my Nevada readers supported this change.

If nothing else, it’ll cut down the amount of cardboard stuck to chain link fences all over town. That’s something right there.