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I have approved 81 comments so far. Well, that’s the total. If I approve one from a commenter, future ones from the same source don’t need approval. Thing is, I get more than 81 comments in a week. Not sure what the scam is, but it’s got to be a scam. Any comments that anyone but myself sees, though, is approved and safe. But I am curious as to what scam is being attempted. If anyone knows, could you drop me a comment below with that info? I’d appreciate it!

If You Comment

I get an incredible amount of spam comments. Virtually all of them have effusive praise of the site. Of course, they fail to mention a single item of which I wrote. So, I may delete a genuine comment once in a while. If you comment and want it to be retained (anything not seriously unkind will be published) you should be sure to mention the specific post, the title perhaps and quote a word or two, or at least refer to a word or two. That way I won’t ditch your comment as spam along with all the others.

Thanks. As you were.