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I’ve been reposting Oddgodfrey (read Leslie Godfrey’s) posts since they took off almost three years ago to circumnavigate the planet. They’ve had some most excellent adventures, and no doubt about it. Well, do continue to follow them. They took off, just two in a 40-foot sailboat named Sonrisa, and went to the place where land is just a distant memory. (Remember when they posted their lattitude and longitude, and the result upon putting those into Google Maps was just a blue screen with a pin in it?) In the near future they will be visiting home in Las Vegas, but the exciting news is that OddGodfrey (Leslie) has created a children’s book, about a unicorn that goes to sea. It’s not entirely fictional. And they are looking for people to help them get the word out. Okay, here’s my first contribution, but I’m just me. You can help, too. Just cllick this link: https://www.oddgodfrey.com/oddlog/launchteamrecruits and read all about it.

Of course, if you don’t like adventure, exotic food, children’s books, or unicorns, you can ignore this post entirely. But please don’t.








Mercedes M Yardley

Beautiful Sorrows
A Creepily Good Book


I have this book, signed by the author. There is one very short story, in particular, that gives me the chills because it is so effective. It’s only a paragraph or so long, but it’s complete. Want to see? Buy the book. The image links to Amazon.

Mercedes not only signed my copy of this book, she also presented to the Las Vegas Writers’ Group an excellent presentation on how to blog. Not that I’ve been doing it right, mind you, but I did get better than I had been. I’m working on it, you see. I did give this book a good review on Amazon, but this is not her only work. The thing is, her stories are not only creepy, they’re funny, which makes everything okay, doesn’t it? Unlike a lot of authors I’ve never met, I’ve known Mercedes and her husband for a few years now. I have, unfortunately, never met her chickens, who I’m sure are exemplary birds.

My point being that this lady writes better than I do and you should check her out. She has a blog, A Broken Laptop, and a page on Amazon, so it’s easy to find her . Go ahead! Tell her I sent you.