Thanksgiving #1, In The Midst of Volcanos


Will wonders never cease, somehow we were able to check back into Indonesia, enjoy Kupang’s night market, get our laundry done, then up anchor and sail away in less than 48 hours.  The wind was predicted to be light, 7 knots from the South, with calm waves.  Perfect sailing for our Westward course t

Source: Thanksgiving #1, In The Midst of Volcanos


A tree in our front yard in Arapaho County, Colorado sometime in 2002.
A tree in our front yard in Arapaho County, Colorado sometime in 2002.

Stuff the advice this week. It’s Christmas! Okay, I know that not everybody celebrates that particular holiday. And that “War on Christmas” stuff is just one more way that Fox News is crazy making. But, we do have a secular holiday by that name in this country, and next Monday is it for 2017. So, We Wish You A Merry Christmas for sure! And,

Good Kwaanza,
Chappy Chanukkah,
Good Mithra’s Day,
Ho Saturnalia,
And A Happy and Prosperous New Year!

And, one more for those War on Christmas weirdos:


Happy Holidays!

A Part of the 2008 Version of the Magical Forest, by Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village is an organization in Las Vegas, Nevada that provides opportunities for people who normally would not be able to find a job. With training and experience, many of their clients are able to graduate into the “real” job market. They open the Magical Forest every year for the holiday season. Get there early to avoid the big crowds. Ride the train! (That snow is fake, by the way.)

It’s no secret that one of the obligatory things a series author has to do is to produce at least one holiday-themed entry. It’s usually Christmas, but it could be any holiday. Independence Day? Check. Valentine’s Day? You’re kidding, right? Check. New Year’s Day? Check. Even Ground Hog Day? Duh! (Liked the movie.) In the spirit of giving you something else to daydream about while your next big plot development is cooking in the back of your mind, consider how you might adapt your current cast of characters to your favorite holiday? What does a Librarian do on Halloween? Will a Chief ever relax enough to enjoy Labor Day?

Seriously, the holidays present special problems for writers, merely by existing. In my case, I had to finish up a bathroom remodel, and this is the first thing I’ve written in a couple of weeks. And it’s not even fiction! Maybe the way to go is similar to what I do about eating sweets over the holidays: I don’t try to avoid it. I keep it down to as mild a roar as possible, which isn’t always that mild a roar as I dearly love sweets. I also don’t worry too much about production over this period. If it’s something that just has to come out, it will, whether I will it or not. Otherwise, I keep notes and other things to ensure that I can pick up right where I left off, whether it’s the holidays or not. This seems to work out for me, provided that I’m not too fat to fit behind my desk at the end of it all. 🙂


Timor Leste – The Resistance

We arrive in Balibo and disembark the truck I’m now calling “Little America.”  The village is built around one open common space square with a statue in the middle.  An older Timorese woman walks down a picturesque hillside, her head wrapped in a skirt of fabric the traditional way.  The only sound

Source: Timor Leste – The Resistance