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Steve Fey was born in the first half of the twentieth century in a small town in Ohio, so he is well acquainted with the burdens of privilege. Over the years he has been employed as a pizza chef/manager, training manager, systems analyst, and of course perpetual student. He now writes stories and novels for Middle-Graders and Young Adults, and writes and performs Stand-Up Comedy.

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Steve Fey was once told by a drawing teacher that his writing talents far exceeded his graphic arts skills. He now believes that she was correct. After college, he worked in a pizzeria in Bowling Green, Ohio until he transferred to an electrical components company for the higher pay. Pursuing an additional degree in Electronic Technology led to acquiring a Master of Education degree in Career and Technology Education. That led in turn to a PhD in Vocational Education from the University of Minnesota, which eventually landed him a full-time job as a training manager for a software company.

The competition ate that company alive, so Steve was forced to seek a living as a computer systems guy for the next decade or so. He always wanted to be a writer, though, and somewhere in the systems guy period he started seriously trying to produce literature, or at least stories that someone would read. Now he  writes Middle-Grade and Young Adult Fiction. He also writes and performs Stand-Up Comedy.

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Steve Fey was born a long time ago in Tiffin, Ohio, a tall, blue-eyed white dude in the middle of America in the middle of the twentieth century. Despite the obvious advantages of such a birth, he managed to attain adulthood relatively unscathed. He attended Bowling Green State University, where he was a Biology major. After college he worked for several years in a local Pizza store, advancing to the position of Weekend Manager. Money called, however, and he found himself working as a material handler in a factory making fuse blocks and terminal strips.

Knowledge called, and he enrolled in a program leading to a degree in Electronic Technology at Bowling Green while working nights at the factory. Eventually that led to a Masters’ program in Education, which led him to walk out of the factory for the last time. That degree, which included completing the courses for the Electronic Technology degree, led directly to enrolling in a PhD program at the University of Minnesota. In spite of living in Minnesota for eight years, he has never tasted lutefisk.

After receiving his doctorate in 1982 he worked odd jobs as a trainer in the Twin Cities area, but didn’t actually get to be a training manager until he moved to the Denver area, where he was employed by a company making software for the securities industry. It being shortly after the infamous “Black Friday,” it shouldn’t have been a surprise when the company was consumed by its chief competition, and that was the end of his career as a trainer.

After that trauma, and a divorce, he began using his knowledge of electronics as a computer systems specialist, a field he worked in for over a decade. Even after moving to Las Vegas he worked graveyard at Wynn Las Vegas keeping an eye on the various network components used by a modern hotel/casino operation. He also taught computers, biology, and government to college students, and taught high school for two years.

Now he writes fiction for Young Adults and Middle-Graders. He also writes and performs Stand-Up comedy. He’s been told that he’s funny, but modesty forbids any elaboration.



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