Pirates Attacking Tampa Bay
Pirates Attacking Tampa Bay

I only review things that I like. And usually I don’t write much about what I review. You know, I’ll say, “nice movie” or “good book,” that sort of thing, but dag-nab it, this one I have to say more about. I mean, Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman. It’s a best seller, and for good reason. If you haven’t read it, then do like the title of this post says. Soon, hear?

Here’s my favorite sentence (well, not quite all of it) from the book. Daisy looked up at him with the kind of expression that Jesus might have given someone who had just explained that he was probably allergic to bread and fishes, so could He possibly do him a quick chicken salad: . . .

Gaiman’s book, American Gods, is now on TV, of course, and this book is in the same world, but not the same place. No cold, frozen North here. Lots of Florida and London, and a small and fictional Caribbean island. London isn’t warm, but it’s not cold, either. Florida and the Caribbean, they’re warm, aren’t they?

I have been reading Gaiman’s books because I truly love his style. I’m hoping that I am programming my brain to produce more flowing, descriptive, and generous prose. Anansi Boys is all of those things, and it has the best ending I’ve read since Stardust, another Gaiman masterpiece.

So, take a hint. If you want to write like a master, you need to read the masters, right? Here’s your chance. Don’t wait for the movie, read it today! You’ll be glad you did!

5 Girls Book Reviews

Last April 11th I sent a request to the site 5 Girls Book Reviews to review my chapter book Messy Meisner. It was essentially a query. Today I got an email from them saying that they’d love to review my book. Wow! Maybe they’ll hate it, but at least somebody I don’t know has reacted to it for the first time!

Since they are doing that, I’m going to plug them a bit, in one way by presenting here a capture of the top of their front page on blogspot, as it appeared at 8:23 am PDT, October 31, 2016 (Nevada Day!) (But not celebrated today. 🙁 )

The blog "5-Girls Book Reviews" as of 31 October 2016. Link it above in the text.
The blog “5-Girls Book Reviews” as of 31 October 2016. Link it above in the text.

If you visit them, you will see that they have reviewed a slew, a whole slew I say, of books for children. I’m looking forward to what they have to say about mine! Click the link above to visit them.

Reviews, Anyone?

I do reviews on this page, as regular readers well know. Nice short ones such as “Good movie, you should see it.” But I do real reviews of actual books on You have only to visit my author page at to read all of my reviews. And please do.

But, I do want to caution you, particularly if you’re a friend and an author, I don’t review everything. I maybe read your book and liked it, but for whatever reason I never got a review posted. Also my Amazon reviews are mostly of books I bought from Amazon, and I have some nice signed volumes that were signed in my presence, and have never been near an Amazon warehouse. I’m not big on critics, so I don’t do literary criticism at all. I just review the stuff I feel like reviewing, and the rest may be even better but I don’t care!

All of which is to say that I’m sure I love your book dearly! Honest!

And speaking of reviews: if you read one of mine, don’t be a poop like me, and review it good or bad, okay? Love you! Let’s do lunch sometime!


A Review of Tew. I Mean Two.

We spent Christmas in Denver, where we used to live. While there we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens as our annual Christmas movie. The next day, I think, we went to a cheap movie joint and saw The Martian. So, here are two movie reviews for the price ($0.00) of one!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m looking forward to Episode VIII. And especially to Episode IX, which will put an end to the series. I dearly hope. As for this one, read this carefully: If you enjoyed Episode IV, you will enjoy Episode VII, because, as another reviewer said, there’s a lot of cutting and pasting here. I’ll say no more.

The Martian stars one of those two guys nobody can tell apart, ever since Good Will Hunting. It’s a good movie. And when the man is stranded on Mars, nobody starts praying for his deliverance. Instead he, and everybody else, starts figuring out what to do about it. I like that.