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Thai Smooshies — OddGodfrey: The Oddly Compelling Story of a Sailing Circumnavigation of the World

The best part of making new friends at the night market is that they will give you the local scoop on where you have to go to see the best parts of Thailand. We had other plans, but the fellas told us to alter course and visit Phu Chi Fa instead. This mountain peak is one of the highest points in a

Source: Thai Smooshies — OddGodfrey: The Oddly Compelling Story of a Sailing Circumnavigation of the World

I Put Myself in Jeopardy

I Was There! (Sort of.)

I’ve been watching Jeopardy for many years. About eight years ago I even had an audition, but I didn’t get called. That doesn’t mean I was bad at it, because they interview 3000 people per year and call 400. About the time I dropped out of the contestant pool from that audition, the online tests started. Now, you can take an online test (or two, if you’re eligible) annually, and if you do well enough at it, they call you for an audition. Actually, they emailed me for an audition. Which is why I flew to Phoenix yesterday for a 2pm audition time at the Westin Downtown.

I can’t say anything about the things I saw, except what you are about to read. As to what the questions were, neener neener, you’ll never hear it from me. But if you watch the show, you know the kind of stuff that they ask. So, anyway, I had lunch (had to go when the airplanes went, you know,) walked about downtown Phoenix a bit, and got to the lobby outside of the audition room about twenty minutes early. There were a lot of people milling about, but it turned out that most of them were just dawdling in the hall before going into a session of the corporate conference down the hall. There were (I think) 21 of us actually auditioning. That was less than the crowd my first time. That time the auditions were in the Sahara (you remember that, right?) up a “secret” staircase at the far back of the casino. This time I took an elevator to the 12th floor, which was a lot more fun. At the Sahara, the written test they gave determined if you got to continue. This time they gave us a written test, but only, they said, to “see if we’d been cheating” on the online version. Not sure why you’d want to, because being on TV in a trivia game knowing nothing would make you look pretty stupid, but I appreciate the fact that they have to check. I did about the same on the written test as on the online test.

Okay, if it had been a high-school test graded on the usual grading scale, I’d have gotten an A-. Both times. A couple of things I flat-out didn’t know, and a couple of things I brain farted. Frustrating, especially the one I remembered the answer to three questions on. (No time to go back: it’s fast!)

They want ENTHUSIASM!!! So we all got lessons in how to respond, and for those of us who haven’t ever been public speakers, how to speak loudly. Yes, that is a talent. Speaking loudly, as opposed to yelling, requires technique. Ask any public speaker, if you aren’t one yourself. We all played a sample game as a group, and then, three at a time, we got to play for real! And that was a fantastic hoot! Seriously, no money, of course, and the “host,” (no, Alex wasn’t there) spread the love around, so everybody got a chance to play and learn. But, as one person said in the interview just after the game, “I’d play it for free!” I would, too! But, not if I had to travel to LA and stay in a hotel and all that. But, of course, if you get on, they pay you $1000 just for showing up (that’s the 3rd place prize that you can’t not get) so all that stuff is pretty much covered, with some extra for your time.

As I alluded above, after our 3-person game we each were interviewed in turn. I can tell you one constant question without violating anything: “If you win, what will you do with the money?” That’s where the man said he’d play for free. For the record, I would not, if it involves an actual appearance. But, in truth, it was so damned much fun to play that they could cut it back to a grand a day and I’d keep it up for a while anyway. On the other hand, if I were to pull a Ken Jennings . . . Wow, huh?

Speaking of whom, he is the reason that they pay airfare for returning champions, should they need to return. (Tapings are two days a week, and not all year long, so it happens.) They actually felt bad about Ken having to pay all that airfare. (You don’t get your money until long after your last appearance airs.) So, as I of course intend to win at least a million bucks over a long stretch, thanks Ken! 🙂

That’s it. No writing advice. I just got so buzzed up that I had to write about it. (Happens to writers, you know.) Should I be called, I’ll let the world know when I first will appear. I promise!