Lotta Missed Posts

I went to a “whitelist” mail filtering scheme due to incredibly vast amounts of ever changing SPAM. I failed to put Leslie Godfrey’s address into my whitelist, or my contact list. Ouch. So, I missed a lot. Which is why there is now this long string of Odd Godfrey posts in a row. Sorry, Leslie. I’ll do better, I promise!

Farewell for a While (I think)

Today’s post may be the last for 2 weeks. I’ll be more or less out of position to post anything. I’ll be in London, in fact. If it turns out that I am wrong about that, you’ll see a post next Wednesday. Otherwise, even Odd Godfrey will just have to wait. See you on the 17th!


Leslie and Andrew Godfrey on the evening before their departure
Leslie and Andrew Godfrey on the evening before their departure

So, this post is to come out yesterday, but I guess that isn’t going to happen. Luckily for my blog, the Odd Godfrey’s put out a couple of new posts in a row, so at least my readers have had something to look at. So, the story?

Is that I spent three days on my knees installing new flooring in our Arizona house. It looks great, I feel like forty miles of bad road, and nothing got written (by me that is.)

So, I’m not going to pretend because I prefer honesty. Nothing this week. But, I do continue to recommend the Godfrey’s journey around the world (like, where else can you go, huh?) as something to follow. I repost their posts, but you can also simply follow them over at oddgodfrey.com.

Next week I will have something about writing. On Wednesday. Oh, and it will be so swell!


A Note About the Pictures

Great Hot Dogs! And, Try the Cheese Fries! (It's in Coney Island, if you didn't know.)
Great Hot Dogs! And, Try the Cheese Fries! (It’s in Coney Island, if you didn’t know.)

I’ve mentioned this before, but maybe you didn’t see that post. The pictures you see on these posts are almost all vacation pictures from my own past. You gotta have pictures, right? Well, these are all pretty nice, sort of interesting, and don’t need to actually illustrate the post. (Sometimes the picture does relate to the post, so I hope that’s okay with you.)

Writers of Southern Nevada

Writers of Southern Nevada Find them at nevadawriters.org.
Writers of Southern Nevada Find them at nevadawriters.org.

One of the links in the sidebar of this page is to nevadawriters.org. Besides creating literature so brilliant that Shakespeare would be jealous <grin>, I am on the board of this non-profit group dedicated to supporting writers, and writers groups, throughout Southern Nevada. In March, WSN will be presenting a workshop to the Las Vegas Writers’ Group, of which I am coordinator. I have advocated finding support on this blog before, and now I’m doing it again. I will state for the record that I get nothing financial out of support for these groups (although if there’s enough cash left over at the end of the year, Las Vegas Writers’ will have a holiday party.) What I do get is the moral and spiritual support that I need to keep plugging away at a craft that is, in all truth, a lot harder than anyone who has never tried it believes.

WSN has a lot of events planned for this year. Sometime, today or maybe tomorrow, maybe even Friday, but this week, there will appear, as if by magic, but actually by our President, Eric Miller, a calendar of these events. Some are workshops, some are Painted Stories, in which an artist or two interprets stories read by two or more writers. Some are mixers in places such as a local bar or restaurant. And we are holding a Writers’ Retreat at the Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City, Colorado, in September. All at affordable prices. (The March workshop, as it is also the meeting of the Las Vegas Writers’ Group, is just five bucks!) We also have a speakers’ bureau, right on the same site.

So, check out WSN at nevadawriters.org (the link is above.) Small investment, good return!

Give Blood!

It grows back in no time! Give some blood today!
It grows back in no time! Give some blood today!

Writing posts will resume next week. I’m donating blood today, because the holidays are when it’s most needed. I donated about a gallon and a half in the Denver area when I lived there, and now I’m at 12 liters total donation in Las Vegas. A good vampire (their word not mine) won’t hurt a bit when they draw your blood. And, in Las Vegas, you always get some sort of reward for your generosity. If you donate in the second half of December, you get free Penn & Teller tickets! (I saw how Penn catches a bullet in his teeth the last time I attended their show. No shit!)

I’m told that every time I donate whole blood I save a couple of newborn babies. Not bad for an old man, I think. Chances are, you can save a bunch of people too. You don’t have to donate whole blood. They can take just red blood cells, or just platelets that encourage clotting (important for those on immunosuppressive therapies, don’t you know?)

You’ll write a whole lot better knowing you’ve saved a life or two! Trust me!

Thanks for donating!


This Writer’s Life

Macy's Window on 34th Street, December 2010 Photo by Steve Fey
Macy’s Window on 34th Street, December 2010
Photo by Steve Fey

So, I write lies to sell, which makes me like a lot of people. Of course, my wife has a real job, where she writes more stuff than I do. The difference is that she gets paid a lot of money to write what she writes (legal things for court — you’d be bored.) So I was able to stop not making any money in real estate and start to, so far,  not make any money in authorship.

So I do things like put a door in the wall under the stairs so that we have some storage space for some of our Christmas decorations. (It’s all Christmas; we may not be Christians, but we come from that tradition.) For the record we have three trees (one aluminum) about a mile of lights, oodles of decorations, well, we needed that closet. I’m about to paint the trim on that door.

I also cook quite a bit. I make a mean Crawfish Etouffé, mon ami, amongst other things. And I clean the place a bit each day. It needs it, because we have a menagerie tracking dirt and dropping fur at an alarming rate.

And I have discovered that I can write whenever I have the time. I thought I was one of those people who needed a special routine to crank out a manuscript, but I was wrong. I do a chapter per weekday, maybe one on Saturday or Sunday if there’s nothing else going on, but usually only weekdays. I just sit down at my desk, in what I now call my studio (used to be a home office — the difference is, uh, slight) and key in a new chapter. Or, if it’s revision time, edit for an hour at least, then until I can’t stand it any more that day. For me it works.

Which brings up The Rules. Which points out that there, really, aren’t any. I hope my stories are good. I’m entering a contest for RWA members with a YA novel. If it wins, then I’ll bet it will sell. If it sells, I’ll be rich! No, comfortably well off! No, but I’ll make a few bucks.

That’s good, huh?

Odd Posts?

I’ve recently started a blog (of this same name, in fact) on Tumblr. I also downloaded a plug-in that allows Tumblr to post here, so that anything I post on Tumblr will post here automatically. Unfortunately, to date this is not working in the opposite direction. No biggie, but that is the explanation for all the odd text only posts lately. That is all.

Tech Support

So, WordPress directed me to Tumblr support, who in turn directed me to WordPress support. Reminds me of Dell and Microsoft back in my days as a systems guy. Just want to say thanks for the cheap joke, folks!