Driving a Point

Some Old Ruin Somewhere. Probably Not Significant or Anything . . .

Okay, that was taken inside the Flavian Amphitheatre. Happy now?

I’ve been driving with Lyft since last July. Today I took my first drive with Uber. Long story, another time. Point being that the result of driving for each is the same as the result of driving for the other, even though they are different. Lyft has a reputation for paying better. From what I saw today, that’s true. Uber has a reputation for providing more rides. So far, that is also true. In the end, though, I made about the same amount of money driving for Uber as I generally do driving for Lyft.

Here comes the metaphor, so beware. Some people write a whole lot at one time. Some people write in short bursts. The finished product, however, doesn’t give any hint as to what technique went into writing it. That’s why people can say stuff like, “I think I’ll write a book when I retire, because it will be easy.” Riiiiight. But, they can’t see the process that goes into creating a work of art, they can only judge the finished product.

For my driving, I plan to start my days with Lyft, because, hey, they pay more. In case of a slack morning (which does happen with Lyft) I’ll switch to Uber, because, hey, they provide a chance to make some money.

Am I saying that you should combine writing long bits with writing bunches of short bits? No, I’m saying that you should write however you’re able to write, and get that first draft done, because the real fun (it is, trust me) comes in polishing that puppy into something wonderful.

Okay? Good!