Breaking Up Ain’t Hard, It’s Beautiful*

Close to (my) home: a sculpture inside City Center on the Las Vegas Strip.
Close to (my) home: a sculpture inside City Center on the Las Vegas Strip.

*So long as I’m not involved in any way.

People ask about inspiration, where you get your muse, where do you get your ideas, that sort of thing. Fair enough. I hope I get known enough for my writing to get tired of answering that one, but for now, I’d have to say it all comes out of my own experience and imagination. Leaving aside the question of whether tough emotional times may make for more creativity, I have a peculiarity in my tastes in music. I’m not sure what it means, but it has to be pretty well infused throughout my sense of self. I like breakup songs.

There are a lot of them, too. For instance, Southern Cross by Stephen Stills. Or, one of my favorites because of how it’s often used, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) from Green Day. Don’t the people who pick songs for graduations and such ever listen to the lyrics? Or read the titles? Crimony! Good Riddance, indeed. And, one of my favorites from away back is The Last Thing on My Mind by Tom Paxton. I started what was to be a comprehensive list of breakup songs I like, but I can’t find it, other than that I know it’s on my Surface Pro somewhere. Might be out on my cloud drive. I’ve searched, I haven’t found it.

But that is an odd thing, isn’t it? Or is it normal? Is it like humor, and I like it because it isn’t happening to me? They aren’t funny (usually) are they?

Heck, you tell me. Should I be worried because I enjoy songs about breaking up? Should I?