I know, this movie was so last year. So it was, but I never went to see it. Neither did a lot of people. I always suspected, though, that it was a good one, if only because Johnny Depp was voicing the lead. Well now it’s on cable, which is where I caught it last evening. So, complete with SPOILERS for those who haven’t seen it, here’s what may be the longest movie review I’ve ever written. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I’m sure there’s a DVD/Blue Ray combo pack out. They ought to throw in a CD soundtrack and score a perfect hat trick, don’t you think?

Rango manages to parody every western movie I’ve ever seen, including ones that were parodies in the first place. Then it also throws in elements of Star Wars and other things. I mean the real first Star Wars, the one where we meet Luke and the gang. Every western character you’ve ever seen is represented. Really. And I learned that the Spirit of the West is Clint Eastwood in a golf cart. Really. All of the characters are animals. There’s the obligatory Indian, of course. He’s a Crow. It was all damn funny to me. My evil home town, good old Las Vegas, has a cameo as, well, an evil town. Watch it and see.

While I was watching I wondered who was voicing all those characters. (Timothy Olyphant voices The Spirit of the West, even though it looks just like Clint.) To find out I visited one of my frequent stops on the web, The IMDB. (That’s Internet Movie DataBase if you insist.) Anyhow, a feature of the IMDB is to list “errors” made in a film. In this case the “errors” were virtually all comedic devices, which seems to indicate that whomever wrote the review either has no knowledge of comedy, no sense of humor, or is simply a pinhead. Maybe all three for all I know. I mention this because if you are a fan of comedy and how it’s put together you probably will enjoy reading the “errors” on the IMDB. Really.