Into It?

*** I was into enough yesterday that I forgot to post anything of my own. Thanks, Leslie and Andrew, for filling in. I guess. ***

Actually, I forgot that it was Wednesday. I get distracted easily, which is one of the drawbacks of the mostly positive thing misnamed ADD. Disorder, my foot! But, be that at it may, it does illustrate the theme of this post.

A few days ago I started drafting a new book. I’d forgotten how much fun drafting a new book is! Even though parts of the process can be tedious. Namely things like outlining, describing characters, and other things that just turn out to be a Word document on my hard drive. Of course, after I’m famous, and gone, archivists will have a wonderful time sorting through all of my old notes, so, really, besides developing a novel, I’m performing a public service!*

But, truth be told, writing the first draft is the most fun. I’ve read quotes from a bunch of folks to the effect that you write with your heart, then revise with your head. And I’ve never liked rules, so getting to follow my lies around by heart makes me feel good. And frequently what comes out is written very badly, but it’s a story. Once I have a story, I can tweak it (oh, twenty times or so) until it’s told well enough that someone might actually pay for the privilege of reading it. (I only write commercial prose. Somebody else can plumb the depths of the human experience.)

So I’m feeling pretty good this week: off on a new adventure with some new people who are, as they always do, doing more of what they want to do than paying attention to what I need in the story.

Where do those characters come from, anyway? <grin>

The Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Image is in the public domain (Pixabay)

*If you believe that, check out the bridge I have for sale!


Where do your ideas come from?

Somebody asked me that a couple of weeks ago on a boat to Isla San Jorge off of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. That was right after I told him what I did for a job.

And it’s a good question, because I honestly don’t know. But I get them. And the world is absolutely crawling with sources for new ones. I’ve mentioned how I steal plot set-ups from a certain English playwright at times. That’s one way. Then there is simply paying attention when I’m in a group of people. I mean, everybody is the hero of their own movie, right? So, by observing people being themselves, I can get in on some of the plots.

Then there’s the simple “what if?” As in “What if Superman was having sex with Lois Lane and crushed her by mistake?” Or maybe “What if your junior high principal really was a demon from another dimension? What? You never thought that about your junior high principal? Liar!

So what I say is that middle bit, that the world is full of story ideas, which is true. But, you know, honestly, sometimes I think some devil does give me ideas. Like that demon from another dimension thing? Who’d ever believe that?

Besides every Junior High student in the country, I mean.

Crotch-Punching The Creative Yeti: Exploding More Writing Myths « terribleminds: chuck wendig

I like this guy’s advice. You can subscribe to his blog after you click this link (can’t fool me, huh?) This post explains how writing is a job (no duh) and explodes some common myths about the profession. Good stuff, Maynard!

Crotch-Punching The Creative Yeti: Exploding More Writing Myths « terribleminds: chuck wendig.