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Hi, there! My name is Steve Fey. I write books and other stuff while living in Paradise, Nevada, in the shadow of the famous Las Vegas Strip, which is also mostly in Paradise, Nevada. Here’s a picture from circa 2015. Sorry, it’s the newest one I have.

I mean, look at that pic. You want a redskin, here I am. My aunt married a Choctaw fellow, one of the finest men I ever met. His skin was not red. Sigh.

I write Young Adult fiction and Middle Grade stories. I’ve been writing all my life, but never got serious about it until within the last five years or so. I’m trying to get better at it every day. Some days I think I’ve succeeded. Some days not so much. Today (when I’m writing this) will be fine, because this isn’t fiction. Fiction, my dears, is difficult! I’ve tried adult fiction, even screenplays, but you know what they say: Write Stuff You Want to Read. So that’s what I do. Some of my favorite people whose stuff I read include Neil Gaiman, Dan Gutman, Bernard Cornwall, Jon Scieszka, Janet Evanovich, and others of similar talent and genre. Every damned one of them is a better writer than I am, which is why I keep reading them.

I once visited Shakespeare’s grave in Stratford-Upon-Avon and ended up wishing I could write doggerel as good as what’s on his gravestone. (I did not move those bones.)

I’ve been blogging since before the term was invented. I started out on AOL (remember them?) before moving to my own website. Now this WordPress site is still housed on a server I pay rent on. The host company is in Australia, for what that’s worth. I am currently the co-Ordinator of the Las Vegas Writers’ Group on both Meetup and Facebook. Meetup Facebook I’m also on the board of Writers of Southern Nevada, a group dedicated to boosting all writing groups and writers in Southern Nevada. Website Facebook I self-published one Middle Grade book just to get it out of my head. It may not be wonderful (or it may) but it is still for sale on Amazon.com. If you like it, please review it, and tell every elementary school librarian you meet. Thanks! I have a YA Romance that I’d like to get published. Agents, get in on it now, before the rush!

I like to help writers. The beauty of writing is that the pie expands for every book published, so nobody ever really loses. That’s why I hang around writers’ groups, and why I join organizations like SCBWI and RWA. I blog on this site, mainly. My favorite re-postings are from my friends Leslie and Andrew who are sailing around the world in a 40-foot sailboat named Sonrisa. Excellent name, I believe. Check out my blog. It is entertaining, and you might learn something!